Maidan Square in Kiev, Ukraine

We walked past the two-story barricade of overturned cars, plastic bags of sand, paving stones, wooden pallets and tires.  Large canvas tents stood on the sides of the roadway and in the square.  Standing beside barrel stoves, volunteers handed out hot mugs of tea or barbecued meat provided from the city populace who brought food, blankets and medical supplies to the Maidan square protesters. 

Rusted coils of fine wire heaped in rows where tires had been burned.  Blackened buildings burned during the conflict, remained empty and mute.  Where protesters had fallen slain by snipers, a picture of the victim was tacked to a makeshift frame or wrapped around a tree with piles of roses laid beneath the picture.

Oleg stood in front of the barricade that he and his friends had left the credit union office to help build.  He remembered the armored vehicles charging the barricade to try to knock it down.